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So....I got that urge to write in Island canon, but got nothing.


Conan, Dani, and Belldandy. Give me prompts for drabbles~!
Give me a character that any of my characters has interacted with and I will write an entire post on how my character feels about that character, best moments, worst moments, first impressions, etc. Ask for as many as you want!

Yay bandwagon~!

Characters are Belldandy, Conan, and Dani.
-Threadhopping with this character - yes, no, or what?: Sure, go ahead. Though if it's marked private or really long, it'd be better to ask first.

-Hugging this character?:
Go right ahead. She likes hugs.

Giving this character a kiss?:
Hand, forehead, cheek, top of the head is all fine and she'll accept. Should you try to kiss her on the lips without it being some sort of dire need, however, and your character might not enjoy her reaction.

-Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back):
WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?! Sure, you can try, but know she won't just let you do it.

-Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?:
Nah, most anything is fine.

-Is there anything you need us to KNOW about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF:
Belldandy, of course, has the special markings on her face and she is ALWAYS wearing her earrings. And for those who can see the spiritual stuff, Belldandy's power and spirit is HUGE. Even her body is just a construct of energy. For example, should she somehow lose every drop of her energy, her body would vanish in a puff a smoke. Though it should also be noted all of that energy is HEAVILY restrained by power seals which are her earrings.

To demonstrate her power level, here is a canon statement of what her full power, unrestrained, can do: One MILLIONTH of it can destroy the world.

The seals are basically to make sure she doesn't destroy the world on accident.

Another thing of note is that her soul is split in two. While still connected, there is a separation. Part of her power is in Holy Bell, her Angel which does reside in her body, but can become detached with excessive force.

Well, one, she is a Goddess. She has a wide range of powers. One of interest might be she does have a form of empathy. She could read minds, but she's not really supposed to do that and really doesn't want too. The empathy can't be helped though.

Also, she can't lie. Knowingly, anyway. She is subjectively honest so if she believes it to be true, she can say it.

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